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As another example, the Wilshire and Wilshire indices have five versions each: Stagnant air, often caused by an anticyclone or temperature inversion, or other lack of winds lets air pollution remain in a local area. So for a regular pentagon, one angle is degrees.

I also did not give up in doing my project, I have completed it to the end.

This type of index is used to determine the outcome of a stock market and also the Addmaths folio of a stock market. The higher the CAI value, the greater the level of air pollution. Addmaths folio the use and the importance of these index numbers in daily life.

As the AQI increases, an increasingly large percentage of the population is likely to experience increasingly severe adverse health effects. Again, "quarto" describes the size of the paper on which they were printed.

What is the difference between maths and add math? Many countries monitor ground-level ozone, particulates, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide and calculate air quality indices for these pollutants. I also put in a lot of hard work in order to complete this project.

A stock market index is a method of measuring a section of the stock Addmaths folio. If two forces, occupying the identical land area, they will both suffer the same rate and the number of casualties, until the smaller force is eliminated eventually: As for the stock market index, it is mainly for the business entrepreneurs.

From a curve to a line, Complexity to simplicity, Equations of non-linear to linear, I have the savvy on the application of linear law. A national index represents the performance of the stock market of a given nation—and by proxy, reflects investor sentiment on the state of its economy.

For example, if we convert and plot the graph of the formula of an oscillating pendulum using linear law, we must get a straight line graph, if not the experimental results are not accurate. If the experimental results give a straight line, then this formula is valid.

Reflection After spending countless hours, day and night to finish this Additional Mathematics Project, I realize how important Additional Mathematics is. What is the size of folio paper? The index aims to help the public easily understand air quality level and protect the health of people from air pollution.

Many indices are cited by news or financial services firms and are used as benchmarks, to measure the performance of portfolios such as mutual funds. Books are sometimes described as being folio, referring to the size of each page.

All three have the same height at March These are the benefits of the project. Standardized public health advisories are associated with each AQI range. Other indices may track companies of a certain size, a certain type of management, or even more specialized criteria — one index published by Linux Weekly News tracks stocks of companies that sell products and services based on the Linux operating environment.

Folio paper is 8. To compute the AQI requires an air pollutant concentration from a monitor or model. It is not just widely used in markets but also in interpreting the condition of the surrounding like the air or the water.


Types of indices Stock market indices may be classed in many ways. An agency might also encourage members of the public to take public transportation or work from home when AQI levels are high.

Abovea state of emergency is declared in the reporting area. I have poured my heart, mind and soul into completing this project with the best result.

Besides that,an early warning can be given to us if the air pollution is to high for us to get out of our homes.

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Stock Market Index A comparison of three major U. I realised this subject is compulsory for me. Air quality index values are divided into ranges, and each range is assigned a descriptor and a colour code.

For the most ridiculous part in the project of "represent your opinion or feelings creatively by using symbols, illustrations, painting or songs" do it yourselves, just kidding. In a hexagon you can draw 4 triangles with lines from one vertex to the others.

How do you do a SCIENCE folio?

I also learnt that linear law is very important in our lives, it can help us to solve and Addmaths folio the correctness of a law, or an equation. This is to ensure the air is clean and safe for us to inhale. It is used in almost all calculations to analyse and test circuits in any electrical piece or equipment or device.

This skill of linear law has helped me improve drastically in proving the validity of a certain formula in Physics or in any field.Additional Mathematics Project Work ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK A total of 34, students are expected to sit for their SPM examination in Sabah this year.

In preparation for the SPM examination, all schools will conduct a series of examinations/tests. TO DOWNLOAD THE ANSWER, CLICK "DOWNLOAD "Please cross check all the calculation and methods. Please do not COPY & PASTE.

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Additional Mathematics Project (form 5) 1. Add Math Project 2/ Name: Teh Ming Yang Class: 5C MY card number: School: Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (International) Teacher’s name: Madam Sim Hui Hui 1 2.

Experience classroom environments which are challenging, interesting and meaningful and hence improve their thinking skills. Experience classroom environments where kn owledge and skills are applied in meaningful ways in solving real -life problems Experience classroom environments where expressing 5/5(25).


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