Chapter 1 investigatory project

Meanwhile, styrofoams from fast food chains or even in houses and school canteens are wastes that are hard to dispose, just like the shells of oysters seen in seashores and wet markets.

Example of investigatory project?

Gathering of data is essential in any kind of research. To derive the formula of the surface area of hexagonal prism; and 3. Styrofoam — is a trademarked brand of closed —cell extruded polystyrene foam currently made for thermal insulation and craft application.

It lists all the details needed to determine if you want to or need to read the whole report. Formulation of the Hypothesis There is no significant difference on the characteristics of all groups in terms of color, density, texture, durability, and porosity. The main problem of this investigation was: On top of that, these tiles could be of export quality and have the potential to compete in the international market.

The Procedure Chapter 1 investigatory project Procedure is the step by step and systematic process of doing your research.

As result, shell piles are common in areas of oyster production with no further utilization. Derive the formula for the surface area of a regular octagonal prism.

This subject is being taught in the third year students. The characteristics of the produced tiles shall also be determined and compared. Significance of the Study The Significance of the Study indicates how important is your investigatory project for the people, environment and community as a whole.

Investigatory Project : Chapter 1 – Eggshalk (Eggshells to Chalk)

Title The Title should be clear and precise. This is also beneficial to the Department of Education because it will give the administrators or the teachers the idea in formulating formulas for other kinds of prisms.

It can also help teachers, students, and faculty members save money and effort in buying chalk in stores. It includes your research problems, the method or procedure that you used and the findings or conclusion of the study.

One liter of premium gasoline will be used to dissolve g of styrofoam. Find the total areas of the faces of a regular hexagonal prism whose figure is 8 cm Solution: Statement of the Problem The research shall deal with the determination of the feasibility of making tiles using powdered oyster shells and styrofoam dissolved in gasoline as additive ingredients.

Commercial tile will be used as the controlled set-up while the set-ups with oyster shells, styrofoam, dissolved in gasoline in different proportions and the one with sand as additional binding element shall be the experimental groups.

Investigatory Project : Chapter 1

Recommendation The Recommendation is given based on your conclusion. To derive the function, 1, 6 and 2, 12 will be used. Find the apothem of the base of each of the regular hexagonal prism in the figures under the conjecture 1. Oyster — is the common name for a number of different families of salt-water bivalve mollusks that live in marine or brackish habitats.

It should answer your hypothesis and research problems. ABCD is a rectangle. Presentation of Data, Analysis and Interpretation of Data The data gathered should be presented in order to be analyzed.

The Apothem of the Base of the Hexagonal Prism. We chose this study for further investigation if the eggshell can be an effective material for the chalk. The chapter 1in the investigatory project is Introduction. Significance of the Study Because our country has been for so long facing the issue of solid waste management, this study is deemed to be of help in eliminating waste pollution caused by oyster shell and styrofoam.

Meaning of an investigatory project? Proof 2 Based on the table, the data were as follows: The feasibility of using oyster shells in tile making? Once completely dried, they shall be removed from the mold, then sanded into tiles.Science Investigatory Project ^_^ Published in: Science.

6 Comments 88 Likes Statistics Notes Full Name. Comment goes here. Submission of Chapter 1 Oct 15 3. Submission of Chapter 2 Oct 31 4.

Submission of Chapter 3 Nov 19 5. Investigation Period ASAP 6. Submission of Chapter 4 Dec 3 7. Submission of Chapters 5&6 Dec. The chapter 1in the investigatory project is Introduction. Jul 28,  · INVESTIGATORY PROJECT. Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College.

Grade 6 – Queen of Queens. Group 6 Title. Oyster Shells with Styrofoam Tiles. Abstract. Jul 27,  · “Eggshalk” Eggshells to Chalk Group 1’s Investigatory Project (By: Ysabel Alameda, Johann Cruz, Kaycel Andrade, Destiny Pimentel, Jared Gonzales, Marco Olivera and Cassandra Bantug) CHAPTER 1: Introduction and Its Background: An eggshell is a thin and hard outer layer of an egg.

This is very fragile and can break. Dec 10,  · Doing an investigatory project considers as a major achievement of any students in Science. Through scientific investigation, they learn how to apply the acquired knowledge, scientific concepts, theories, principles and laws of nature.

 Group 9 Investigatory Project JH 7 – St. Leopold of Castelnuovo Chapter 2 Review of Related Studies The rinds of orange and other citrus fruits contain flavonoid phytonutrients. John A. Manthey, a chemist of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, discovered that these flavonoids can lower LDL, “bad”, cholesterol levels and .

Chapter 1 investigatory project
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