Essay about the disadvantages of early marriage

Enjoy many years of Sex: This gives rise to a highest level of cooperation in their successful married relationship. Again, this is speaking from experience, as I know many couples in their twenties or teensand they all have shouldered the responsibility and all have the maturity to handle marriage with respect, understanding what it means.

However, it is not the same for all women. One has to take on household responsibilities, child rearing responsibility etc. The times when the boy is not earning much for the baby and wife, or the girl is not able to become a successful mother because she has no idea of how to raise the child up, would be really sophisticated.

The Disadvantages of Early Marriage

I know dozens of couples who are married and they ALL manage to still have fun, even at an early age. In many religions like Hindu, Islam and Christianity early marriages are preferred.

As the mind grows old, it tends to become more habituated to firmness in the decision making process, thus leaving far less possibilities for the couples to compromise on situations.

A young mind is easier to adaptability and sustenance. Children have two different role models to look up to and twice as much potential support, emotionally and practically. According to health care practitioners, 25 is the ideal age for pregnancy in women.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Marriage

For sure a young girl or teen, when ready to give birth to a child has higher chances to conceive her pregnancy. There is no adult to guide or help out in case the couple are living alone. Spending the whole life in the company of someone very special is what every one of us dreams of.

And often young couples who are responsible and mature can have long lasting relationships. Boost the Energies for Success: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Marriage Updated on October 4, more Paul studied philosophy at the University of Leicester, UK and has done a variety of jobs since, including advocate, librarian, and writer.

Raising a child, for example, is relatively easier for two parents than it is for one. Lack of compromising abilities in either of the partners. Yes, finding a long term partner is essential for a happy life.Top 10 Advantages of Early Marriages Last month we already wrote an article about top 10 disadvantages of early marriages, but today we will show you the top 10 advantages of early marriages.

Getting married early is beneficial in a lot of ways. Early marriage refers to any marriage before the legal age of marriage which may differ from country to country The legal age of marriage differs by sex, for example, in some countries in Africa it is 18 for males and only 15 for females.

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Top 7 Disadvantages of Early Marriage

An Essay about the Advantages of Early Marriage Written By Abdullah Adam Abdullah/5(1). At times, early marriage is a matter of choice and at times by force. These are the possible advantages and the disadvantages that. Early marriage is also referred to as child marriage, where emotional and social effects take place, but one of the most common outcomes of early marriage is the withdrawal of girls from formal education.5/5(1).

Problems of Early Marriage – Disadvantages of Early Marriage. Responsibility: Responsibility has to be shouldered at a very young age.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Marriage

One has to take on household responsibilities, child rearing responsibility etc. There is no adult to guide or help out in case the couple are living alone. There is a minimum age for driver’s license.

Essay about the disadvantages of early marriage
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