Globalization contributes to sustainable prosperity for

Transnational corporations also provide other countries with jobs for their citizens which promotes sustainable prosperity for them. Globalization Contributes to Sustainable Prosperity for all. Begin the discussion with opening statements from students at both ends of the U and alternate from side to side, working toward the centre of the U.

Students with cue cards suggesting both positive and negative effects would position themselves somewhere between the two extremes. May 30, Revision History. Without globalization many citizens would not be as prosperous as they are today. On each card, ask students to list two pieces of information to support the implication suggested.

Sustainable prosperity is the consistent success of citizens. A third example would be local businesses such as the Ecuadorian banana sellers.

Global Prosperity and Sustainability

They sell their bananas internationally which supplies sustainable prosperity for the banana workers. Take part in a U-shaped discussion Ask students to reflect on the evidence recorded on their cue cards and their beliefs on the impact of globalization.

These bananas must also be shipped, which requires ships, boxes and other materials. Without these globalized corporations, many Canadians would not be as prosperous. The companies who make this technology need citizens to work in their factories which provides jobs for those countries, contributing to sustainable prosperity.

These companies also need citizens to buy their product which emphasizes sustainable prosperity for that company. Summarize key aspects of globalization Begin by inviting students to reflect on what they have learned about globalization. Others will see dangers inherent in the process of globalization and will urge resistance.

This demand for shipping creates sustainable prosperity for the ship workers, builders and managers. Next, ask students to align themselves along a continuum in a U-shape. Some students will conclude that globalization is the key to sustained prosperity and will embrace the phenomena.

Globalization and Sustainable Prosperity

Is globalization likely to do more to contribute to, or limit, sustainable prosperity for everyone? Ask students to record on separate cue cards four or more of the most significant implications of globalization related to sustainable prosperity for everyone.

Many students will see both merits and concerns and will conclude that there are aspects of globalization that should be embraced and other aspects that should be approached with caution, if not rejected.

You may want to consult U-shaped Discussion Support Material for additional ideas on the use of this strategy.Economic Globalization: The spread of trade, transportation, and communication systems around the world in the interests of promoting worldwide commerce.

Reparations: The act of making amends for wrongdoing. Depending on the nature of the implication, instruct students to place a "+" or "-"sign in the top right corner of each cue card; i.e., "+" indicates that globalization contributes to sustainable prosperity and "-" indicates that globalization is an impediment.

Globalization contributes to sustainable prosperity for all people. By sharing ideas and opening trade between different countries, we can cut down on poverty increasing the number of companies competing for the sale of the same good or service. May 21,  · To What Extent Does Globalization Contribute to Sustainable Prosperity for All People?

or Does globalization contribute to sustainable profit and employment to all people?Status: Resolved. present economic interdependence contributes to stability and peace. It is interesting to observe that they can also be called the losers of globalization: The prosperity of laid-off factory workers in France, for example, is decreasing compared to earlier.

Globalization and Sustainable Development Urs Zollinger 3 years of full employment. Does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people? Synopsis The specific outcomes for General Outcome 3 "Students will assess economic, environmental and other contemporary impacts of globalization" may be addressed by inviting students to consider the degree to which globalization enhances or inhibits sustainable.

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Globalization contributes to sustainable prosperity for
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