Housing management system

Log in Who Are We? Our housing solutions have been developed through working with a broad spectrum of social housing providers since The features available in the StarRez application are crucial for accurately managing over 9, beds and 4, rooms across campus.

The technology gives administrators the power to automate assignments, view and track student progress, view historical data, and take advantage of powerful reporting tools. We have an enviable track record within the sector of supporting housing operations, providing the platform for success and longevity.

We Housing management system easily keep parents updated and keep police informed on [check-in] status to adjust traffic patterns. We believe in building a lasting partnership where both parties work together for the benefit of each other and where confidence and trust is second nature.

Some real-time statistics include, requested changes in rooms, bed availability, housing contract data and overall general user totals.

We take an innovative approach to assignments by leveraging technology that will help smooth out your operations. They require the management and coordination of large scale resources servicing high numbers of customers, across a broad range of services with many processes and compliances.

StarRez helps keep things live and easily updated. Housing and Residence Life staff can use the StarRez mobile app on phones and tablets to quickly and easily access housing information.

Key Apex Features include: This requires adaptability across both housing and commercial activities, dealing with the fundamentals while also coping with ever changing expectations, legislation and economic realities.

Housing and Residence Life has big plans for StarRez as they continue to leverage more of its capabilities and adapt it to the unique needs of Virginia Tech. Real-time Statistics Our system provides real-time statistical information on student housing and building management data.

Thoughts on what Housing providers need from IT to support commercial activities Modern housing businesses are complex and organic. With all of its integrations, StarRez has the capability for data analytics and the potential for better predicting and serving the needs of students at Virginia Tech.

Its powerful web-based capabilities empower students to help themselves with online roommate searches, housing applications, and more.

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This allows students to review and electronically sign their online housing agreements saving hours of paperwork. In JulyHousing and Residence Life worked in close partnership with the Student Applications team to bring up a new housing system for the academic year. We make it easy by providing you with powerful visual tools that include overviews of your occupancy and room assignments - all with a click of a mouse.

Features Electronic Format Save trees and paper by converting hard copy formats of your housing contract to online digital format.

Housing Management System

High degrees of flexibility, rich levels of functionality and user defined controls coupled with our logical business models means Apex can be fully integrated with any existing Housing Information System.

Acting as a management decision support tool, Apex enhances individual business processes using layers of unique modular functionality.

Housing Management

In years past, Resident Assistants across campus would manually count the number of students checking-in each day and manually report their numbers to Housing and Residence Life. If you would like further information regarding the Apex product or would like to arrange a demonstration of the software please contact us via our contact page.Aareon QL - At the Heart of Aareon Smart World.

Aareon QL is the UK's leading Housing Management System. All your business information can be held in a single system enabling your staff to quickly and easily access the information they need to do their jobs and help your tenants.

HMS Connecting you to On-campus Housing. Sign in now. HMS is a service of Appalachian State's University Housing provided by Electronic Student Services.

Modern housing businesses are complex and organic. They require the management and coordination of large scale resources servicing high numbers of customers, across a broad range of services with many processes and compliances.

System Overview and Users Manual. The Voucher Management System (VMS) supports the information management needs of the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) management functions performed by the Financial Management Center (FMC) and the Financial Management Division (FMD) of the Office of Public and Indian Housing and the Real Estate Management Center (PIH-REAC).

Apartment Society Management Software

Orchard - software to improve lives. We understand the issues that social housing providers face, so we provide specialist software and services that gives you the flexibility, support and continual innovation you need to focus on the real job at hand - giving the best service to the communities you serve.

Virginia Tech's Housing Management System Starting on August 23rd, students flooded back to campus, checking in to their on-campus housing assignments using the StarRez mobile app at .

Housing management system
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