How might you sample the store traffic

Compare not just the foot traffic count, but the demographic makeup of each location and the busiest hours. The key point is to have their email before they leave.

Then, you will have some keyword ideas in mind to search on Google and social hashtags. Screen out "regulars" - mall employees, recent participants.

How To Determine Foot Traffic & Use Data To Pick a Business Location

Simple with Google in your hand! Combining traffic information with sales and transaction data, assessments can be made to show how to make different areas of your business such as marketing, staffing levels and support more effective.

By incentivising customers to share their cart or favorite items on their social profiles and you need to make the sharing action as easy and instant as possible, ideally in 1 clickyou have organic links back to your website on their social pages.

In order to answer these important questions, many businesses are employing electronic systems to count customer traffic and using this information in context of other business metrics. How the technology works Common retail traffic counting systems use sensors at the entrance areas to count the number of visitors to the store.

This data is saved in an anonymized format, so personal identity is never revealed. Before the age of social media, bloggers and YouTubers are two main types of influencers in almost all industries.

Chapter 4: How to drive traffic to your online store

Or what about those that have given a salesperson their contact information? Retailers can also look at the conversion ratio of their store which is the total sales transactions divided by total traffic. You can directly ask some of your customers who they follow for ideas and inspirations.

Learning the ebb and flow of pedestrians throughout the day has numerous advantages. Krista now shares her hands-on experience with others looking to expand into online sales.

You can partly overcome this bias by using a quota sample if you know what the characteristics of the sample should be. Keep an open mind when you apply these ideas to drive traffic to your online store: Ossip reported four studies that found lower top box concept scores for mall surveys compared to door to door, even after controlling demographic differences.

Infrared technology is used to register customers coming in or going out of the store by counting each time a beam is broken.Instead of reaching out by sending a sample of your product, you might get traffic in a more roundabout way: By writing a blog post about them, and sending it to them in an email or via Twitter.

Yes, instead of waiting for them to feature you, you can feature them first. You’re going to be looking for the influencers in your industry anyway. Poor website traffic is no doubt one of the biggest challenges people face when running an online store.

It is, in fact, the root-cause problem why your website cannot generate sales since the traffic at the beginning of the sales funnel is too low. Many retailers are now using traffic information to look at the distribution of traffic by hour, day of the week, store location, seasonal periods, promotion periods, total chain, etc.

Retailers can also look at the conversion ratio of their store which is the total sales transactions divided by total traffic. However, this is what you have to do. Randomly select states or regions. Randomly select cities within region. Randomly select malls within cities.

Post interviewers at randomly selected mall entrances. Interview all days and all times mall open. Count traffic so interviews are proportional to traffic based on day of week and time of day. You wish to analyze the pedestrian traffic that passes a given store in a major shopping center.

You are interested in determining how many shoppers pass this store, and you would like to classify these shoppers on various relevant dimensions/5(K). If you post a link to your store on your Facebook page, you might generate some wayward traffic over the next couple of hours.

But imagine if you ran a targeted ad campaign specifically to reach young professionals interested in wacky office supplies.

How might you sample the store traffic
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