How to write a brag sheet for letter of recommendation

Then you should ask yourself a simple question: Your first reaction might be words like smart, respectful and athletic, but what about motivated, independent, kind, humble, mature, courageous, self-disciplined, independent thinker, humorous, resourceful, etc?

By sharing your ideas, you could ensure that your teacher includes your academic and personal strengths. According to the U. An ineffective letter would also be unspecific and lack examples, making it effectively impersonal, even vague. You can share your brag sheet with your teachers, coaches or with any other adults with whom you are asking for letters of recommendation.

At the top of your brag sheet, include your name, address and contact information.

Brag Sheet

As I mentioned above, you should share your ideas and information with your teacher recommenders, who can refer to your packet when they sit down to write your letter. Besides adding more info, what else can you do to make your brag sheet as useful and telling as it can be?

You want to include your dates of involvement, and you may state an objective at the top.

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What You Need to Do People style their resumes based on personal taste, but the best ones include certain key elements: What strengths, passions, of qualities you would like her to highlight in her letter. You can provide the type of information - your academic interests and goals, your personal strengths and values, and memorable anecdotes from class - that your teacher can incorporate to make her letter stand out.

Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs for readability, making sure that whoever reads your sheet can easily scan and still get the main points. Your daredevil balancing stunts in tall places may be less relevant.

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Think about any stand out projects or instances where you went beyond requirements. Check out this full guide on how to write about extracurriculars in the most impressive way.

How did it affect your life, both personally and academically? Remember, this is not an activity sheet or high school resume, but information that can be inserted into a recommendation letter. Even if it feels vulnerable, being honest and revealing is the best way to communicate something real, important, and authentic.

Your input could help make her letter even more specific. How have your parents influenced you?

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As with college essays, keep your brag sheet as clear and concise as possible. You might write down your participation in track team.

Teachers Brag Sheets should be given to teachers who have agreed to write you a letter of recommendation see attachments below.

How to Write a Brag Letter for College

What should I include on my brag sheet? Send Thank You Cards After the letters have been written and submitted, follow up with thank you notes to your recommenders.College & Career Center» Letters of Recommendation / Brag Sheet Ask two teachers at the end of your junior year if they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation.

Some teachers may have a quota.

Building Your Brag Sheet

You should ask teachers who taught core courses such as (English, math, science, history or foreign language). Download this letter of recommendation — free! Formatted and ready to use with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor that can. May 19,  · *NOTE: Your High School guidance counselor should set up an interview with you and write you an extra letter of rec as well.

Thumbs up if you liked it! Subscribe-Never miss a video! Brag Sheet and Letters of Recommendation Student requests to Teachers and Counselors for a letter of recommendation should be made IN PERSON by the student, and followed up with a formal request through the.

Remember, this is not an activity sheet or high school resume, but information that can be inserted into a recommendation letter. Write in full sentences instead of bullet points; one or two short paragraphs per question. 4 Responses to Putting Together a. Unsure what actually goes into your brag sheet for letter of recommendation?

We explain everything you need to give your teacher to help her write a great rec.

How to write a brag sheet for letter of recommendation
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