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Commercial We have partnered with Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited, one of the largest and most trusted insurance companies in South Africa, to help business owners obtain competitive, effective insurance.

We settle our own claims regardless of the quantum and at IUM we commit to immediate registration of claims and appointment of assessors.

The first is you, the applicant. We have a specialised team of underwriters dedicated to our commercial trucking division, as well as professional claims staff who ensure that clients receive a inniu underwriting services pty ltd experience.

Supercar Our product allows the client the comfort of placing their supercar on our policy with a customised fit to suit their individual needs. Leisure We provide cover for all your recreational activities and their equipment, that you can enjoy your leisure time without fear.

You may have heard the term underwriting in relation to your life insurance. Sometimes, your health history may suggest an increased risk of some other kind of injury or illness in the future. The main thing to remember is that the underwriting process is a logical one.

Underwriters consider a range of information. For example, a person in their 70s is more likely to die than a person in their 20s everything else being equal. This article explains it all. Marine Whether by sea, air, road or rail, our cover is specially tailored to cover stock until it is delivered to its final destination.

Similarly, some occupations are more closely related with illness or injury than others. The risk of an insured event happening has an obvious relationship with these general factors. Agriculture IUM helps your clients harvest the benefits of growing their business, come rain or shine.

Given that you are a main source of information for the insurer, it is very important that you be completely honest with the insurer. There are four main potential outcomes of the underwriting process. We provide clients with the opportunity to choose from a comprehensive product offering that can be tailor-made to suit their individual requirements.

And, given why we need to take out life insurance, underwriting is relatively serious. If you have a pre-existing health condition, almost certainly the insurer will decide not to issue a policy that covers that condition.

Our services include amendments, claims handling, claims settlements, consultancy, debit order collections, policy enhancements, policy issuing, product development, quotes, reinsurance, renewals, risk analysis, risk surveys,underwriting and training services for brokers on products and risk management.

Provided you are completely honest, there is nothing to be concerned about. The second source of information are medical practitioners who have treated you previously.

A premium exclusion is where an insurer offers you a policy but explicitly excludes certain health events. When you make an application to a life insurer, they need to decide whether or not to offer you an insurance policy.

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For example, if you have a history of knee problems, you may find that an income protection policy explicitly excludes injuries to do with your knees. Insurers obtain health information from two sources.

Tailor-made insurance solutions We understand that our claims service is vital in preserving the partnerships we have established with our broker network.

To do this, they consider the risk that you might make a claim before offering you a policy. Especially as the sums insured increase, insurers also look at specific information about you. This makes sense, given that every is obviously a high likelihood that you would make a claim if that condition was covered.

Indeed, you have a legal obligation known as a duty of utmost good faith to be honest. Most obviously, they will look at your health history. A premium loading is where the insurer asks you to pay a higher premium in return for a policy.

If you think that there will be an issue in the underwriting process, feel free to speak to us about it. Loadings are applied where the insurer calculates that you are an above-average risk for an insured event to occur.

So, if you would like the insurer to issue a policy, then you need to give permission for them to communicate with your health practitioners. So, the insurer considers this general information about you when deciding how likely it is that you may make a claim on your policy.Lion Underwriting prides itself on providing brokers access to the broadest range of policies, at competitive premiums whilst maintaining the highest level of service.

Axis Underwriting Services Pty Ltd is a local business based in St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC If you are looking for a service that this business provides or you need to contact this business, please call the phone number provided in the business details.

About Us Home; About Us; Our Vision. a b o u t Underwriting’s vision is to set the standard of excellence among our peers and become a respected agency of choice by exceeding broker expectations. We value the opportunity to develop honest and transparent relationships with brokers which engender confidence.

About Underwriting Pty Ltd ABN. PinnAfrica Insurance Underwriting Manager (Pty) Limited. PinnAfrica provides products, services and solutions in the consumer credit insurance and related markets.

PinnAfrica Insurance Underwriting Manager (Pty) Limited.

Global Underwriting Services Pty Ltd - North Sydney NSW

PinnAfrica provides products, services and solutions in the consumer credit insurance and related markets. One Financial Services Holdings Pty Ltd (known as ONE) is the holding company of group of financial services companies providing tailored financial solutions to their clients.

One Insurance Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd, (ONE SURE) is a leading short term niche underwriter which, after underwriting on behalf of Absa Insurance Company Limited.

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Inniu underwriting services pty ltd
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