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The advantage of the AA 32B-S is the higher filament current, which will make it possible to reproduce peak-power signals with less distortion. Those are the fundamental reasons why tubes simply sound better. Image reproduction is exceptionally three dimensional with the most subtle spatial energy suddenly revealed.

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When transistors overload in a discrete circuit or in an OP ampthe dominant distortion product is the third harmonic. Innovative technologies, advanced design and the best available components have been combined by our skilled designers to create loudspeakers which embody "The New Age of Sound" in audio technology.

Superior dynamic capabilities The higher working voltages present in tube amplifiers generally allow for wider voltage swings and better signal headroom before entering into overload territory.

Simple circuits also provide for inherently higher reliability, since there are fewer parts which can fail. On the other hand, with tubes particularly triodes the dominant distortion product is the second harmonic: Ayon components combine premium design, new construction principles, advanced technologies and profound musicality.

This is most likely why many listeners feel that tubes sound more powerful Featured. Their sound staging and ambient retrieval equals the finesse of the legendary low power triode designs while leaving behind their disadvantages of high distortion, coloration and limited dynamic reserves.

In comprehensive listening tests, even high levels of even-order harmonic distortion has been found to be significantly less offensive to the ear than even small levels of the harsh, odd order harmonic distortion produced by solid-state circuits when their reach their power limit and enter clipping.

All critical parts, like filaments, grids and plates are constructed from hard metal for higher quality and reliability.

In particular, they have become known as one of the premier manufacturers of single ended amplifiers SETspreamplifiers.

This unique and important feature starts with their entry level Orion, we know of no one else who offers this same and important feature. Ayon loudspeakers are designed to provide open, dynamic, lifelike sound, powerful bass, highly detailed ambient retrieval and tonal neutrality.

Combining high efficiency, linear impedance behaviour and minimal phase distortion, they are equally suited for single-ended triode, tube or transistor amplification.

Brad Morrical - Positive Feedback Besides offering one of the most extensive ranges of tube componets, Ayon design and manufactuer a unique range of Super Triode Power Tubes exclusively use in their own gear. The Ayon CD-Players are a remarkable union of innovative design concepts and refinements of existing technologies.

Ayon Audio offers a complete line of high performance audio components. Tubes are also more tolerant of circuit drifts and deviations in component specifications, and thus can be used in simpler, purer circuits.Nice to Meet You. Short, Drama. TV Online. Prime Video Unlimited Streaming of Movies & TV.

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Meet bill online lektor pl
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