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The impossible," he added with a smile, "is the ghost of the diffident and the refuge of the fainthearted. In addition, Napoleon signed the Concordat of with the Pope to reverse the dechristianization attempts made during the "Republic of Virtue. He also made the Napolionic Code: The grandiose image Napoleon created for himself, as well as the tightly controlled society that he established once in power, was a model for a totalitarian state that Hitler and Stalin would follow with such ruthlessness in the next century.

If there had been no Napoleon, the Republic would not have survived. The true conquests, the only ones that leave no regret, are those that have been wrested from ignorance. He was exiled to the island of Elba. His family had moved there from Italy in the 16th century.

Napoleon personally oversaw the productions of plays in the theaters of France. He collected lots Napoleon bonaparte dbq essay money and sent it back to Paris, this helped the weak economy of France. Those who deified him were crushed under his iron hand.

He was exiled to the island of St. Had the new emperor granted a liberal constitution, the peace of nations and kings might really have been forever secured. If he did not, he would have lost their trust and there could have been another revolution.

It takes weakness to chase them out of the country, but it takes strength to assimilate them. Napoleon is considered one of the greatest commanders in history—his campaigns are studied at military schools worldwide.

The tribunal of the Inquisition is abolished, as inconsistent with Napoleon bonaparte dbq essay civil sovereignty and authority. On the lips of power, believe me, it is only a declaration of impotence. His lasting achievement, the Napoleonic Codehas been adopted by dozens of nations around the world.

After the French monarchy was overthrown in August of that year, Napoleon started to make a name for himself and become a well known military leader.

Peoples of Italy, the French army comes to break your chains; the French people is the friend of all peoples; approach it with confidence; your property, your religion, and your customs will be respected.

Prior to the Napoleonic Code, France did not have a single set of laws; the law was based on local customs, exemptions, privileges, and special charters granted by kings or other feudal lords.

Essay: Napoleon Bonaparte

Friendship is only a word; I love nobody; no, not even my brothers. It recognized the equality of all citizens before the law, protected property rights, safeguarded employers by outlawing trade unions and strikes, and supported religious toleration.

Napoleon: Hero or Tyrant?

He developed a strong army and conquered much of Europe. He came up with a plan that worked very well. The property of the Inquisition shall be sequestered and fall to the Spanish state, to serve as security for the bonded debt.

Then vote below whether you think Napoleon was a hero or a tyrant. This worked very well against the Sardinian troops, he defeated them 5 times in 11 days. After making himself a consul for life, he re-established the French monarchy, naming himself Emperor Napoleon I in All of you are consumed with a desire to extend Napoleon bonaparte dbq essay glory of the French people; all of you long to humiliate those arrogant kings who dare to contemplate placing us in fetters; all of you desire to dictate a glorious peace, one which will indemnify the Patire for the immense sacrifices it has made; all of you wish to be able to say with pride as you return to your villages, "I was with the victorious army of Italy!

He now was the ruler of a great empire, and he had 42 million people under his control. According to the apostle Saint Paul, they would be resisting the order established by God himself and would render themselves worthy of eternal damnation.

Irritated by the least obstacle, sacrificing everything to overcome it, and seeking only to establish at every juncture that nothing could resist his might and his will, when he had to choose between present and future he would choose the present, as being more certain and more subject to his control.

To do this, he had to be in complete control: In exile on St Helenahe said: He was a short man, but had an extremely large ego. One reason Napoleon may have been such a great leader and revolutionary because was he was raised in a family of radicals.

Therefore, it is accurate to say, "Napoleon Bonaparte stabilized and united French society, yet supported the ideals of French Revolution. Afterwards Napoleon was relieved of his command. His extravagant coronation in Notre Dame in December cost 8. He studied to be an artillery man and an officer.

A plebiscite was a national referendum, for which voters were not allowed to debate the issues involved. You go to a restaurant, there is a spy. Ah, yes, I love him; but why?Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most successful military minds to ever walk the battle fields.

He is still looked at as a leader that revolutionized war and the strategy that goes along with it. Napoleon is one of the most famous generals in the history of France, he is known for his magnetic. The French still cannot agree on whether Napoleon was a hero or a tyrant.

In a opinion poll, French people were asked who was the most important man in French history. General Charles de Gaulle. Napoleon Bonaparte, a Revolutionary hero, seized control of the government in France inhe was looking to bring peace to the French people by ending the Revolution.

For this to be done, he had to be in complete control like a monarch or a dictator. Nov 04,  · Essay on Napoleon Bonaparte an Absolute Dictator of France Words | 3 Pages Napoleon Bonaparte was an undeniably strong leader of France, however he was not truthful to his inferiors who gave him his power.

dbq question By using the documents and your general knowledge of nineteenth century Europe, assess the validity of the following statement: Napoleon Bonaparte stabilized and united French society, yet supported the ideals of the French Revolution. - Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Russia was a major factor in his downfall.

InNapoleon, whose alliance with Alexander I had disintegrated, launched an invasion into Russia that .

Napoleon bonaparte dbq essay
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