Ocr english literature a level past papers

During the same year, radical changes were sweeping the Royal Court and newly appointed Director Dominic Cooke had intentions of opening up opportunities for new writers.

Christina Rossetti

Although, according to Plautus, the Greek god Mercury forged the genre by simply joining tragedy and comedy together, modern tragicomedy uses the relationship between the tragic and the comic in order to create something entirely new. Considering how the extracts challenge conventional gender assumptions whether contemporary or historical should help establish a more informed basis from which to analyse the set texts.

See Learner Resource 5 for some exploration of the genre. Introduction Delivery guides are designed to represent a body of knowledge about teaching a particular topic and contain: Introducing the Principles of Assessment online course. We see a similar rage against British society but the protagonists come from higher levels of society than in kitchen-sink drama.

In tragicomedy, resolution is rarely reached, with many remaining inconclusive. Thinking Conceptually Overview General approaches: Martha is not the caring gracious mother that society expects. That Face could also be read as a subversion of the kitchen-sink drama that emerged after the Angry Young Men established the working-class voice in British theatre in the s.

Moreover, writers like Stenham use comedy to subvert moments of Ocr english literature a level past papers continuously, using humour to deter the audience from feelings of remorse until the climax of the play. Where are you going? Whilst Martha and Hugh both are bad parents, Hugh walks free back to a life in sunny Hong Kong, whilst Martha is committed to a rehab clinic against her will.

Thus Stenham expands the tragicomic genre by giving it a gendered twist. For a large number of syllabuses there are two sessions a year — a winter and a summer session - with an equal number of examination papers for each session. Cob took Polly to the theatre from the age of 8 and she became increasingly aware of the disparity between the middle-class audiences sitting in stalls and the scenes before them.

What must we give up? If Martha had had the financial independence to leave Hugh with their children, would he too have turned to drink?

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In many 20th century modern tragicomedies, the problematic protagonist has been typically male. But look, suppose we did give up — what you said — which may heaven forbid — but if we did, how would that help to win the war?

They will read, annotate and discuss the extract and consider the questions provided. Candidates must respond to one question. Her opposing values include her incestuous feelings, her genuine love for her son, her abuse of her cleaner, her knowledge of marxist theory, her background in art, her rebellious spirit, her oppressive suffocation of Henry and her general ability to be multiple things at once.

Several of the company begin to walk off. Common misconceptions or difficulties students may have: In Waiting for Godot by Beckett, tramps discuss seemingly absurd and pointless subject matter whilst waiting for a character who never shows up.

For this reason, when making a request for a particular item please be aware of the following: My Spartan friend, will you join me? Why are you turning away from me? Although many of the conventions of tragicomedy are present in That Face, it is rare for any writer to remain strictly within one genre.

Hotel, a thriller highlighting the economic damage bestowed on British ex-colonies, was produced by the National Theatre in For AS Component 02, Section 1 students just study one post drama text. Does this reinforce any stereotypes?

Raised in an affluent family, Stenham was enrolled at eleven to private boarding school Wycombe Abby, experiencing firsthand the dormitory initiation ceremonies that would inspire the opening scene of That Face.

Born inPolly Stenham had barely left school when she embarked on writing the play that would transform her from first year university student to youngest playwright on the West End since Christopher Hampton in Get exam papers and mark schemes, model answers and analysis for all major set texts - Animal Farm, Of Mice and Men, An Inspector Calls, Simon Armitage and Carol Ann Duffy with help for Spoken Language Controlled Assessment.

Top tips for A Level English Literature exam preparation 01/06/ In her latest blog, Keeley Nolan, English Subject Advisor, shares practical insights and ideas for the A Level English Literature assessment to help put your students on the path to exam success. A collection of 19 practice exam questions modelled on the OCR English Literature Specification for Component 1 Drama and Poetry (Twelfth Night).

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OCR A Level English Literature (H) About Us; AQA A Level Further Maths () Past Papers. Paper 1: Specimen mark scheme ( KB) Paper.

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Ocr english literature a level past papers
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