Shared services business planning response

Information Technology Operational capabilities such as an internal IT department. The Stuff of Corporate Legend Character is manifested in great moments but cultivated in small ones. Where must we mitigate risk?

Disaster Preparedness in an Offshore Shared Services Organisation

Potential scenarios were studied and tested, and then a full-scale drill was conducted — complete with facility evacuation, fire department response, key resource relocation, and communication with senior executives.

Harmonized policies and processes enable consistent and accurate service delivery and allow the company to leverage its scale.

Supporting technologies provide greater automation, increased efficiencies, and accessible self-service. This allows an organization to manage risks such as legal or compliance risks from one center of competency.

By providing a service in one place, there is an opportunity to optimize and standardize it at scale. Shared services are a common operational strategy designed to reduce costs by eliminating repetition of effort.

Assess and Plan During the Assess and Plan phase, ScottMadden assisted the client in determining the strategy and value proposition for shared services. This past year, GBS launched the outsourcing of technology services, facilities management, and employee services.

The results of this phase provided the justification to proceed with design and implementation of finance shared services. How We Helped ScottMadden worked with the client team during three key phases of implementing shared services: Finance policies and processes varied by location, and multiple ERP systems were in use.

How will agencies select an SSC?

8 Examples of Shared Services

The new delivery model increases the agility of the company by streamlining processes required to integrate newly acquired companies. A healthy BCP requires proper care and feeding, regular exercise, and checkups.

How shared-services organizations can prepare for a digital future

Daily management of the BCP is typically delegated to a manager who has the capacity to hammer out the details and coordinate the collective efforts of participating groups. ScottMadden worked with the client to evaluate and implement shared services to enhance the delivery of finance services, decrease operating costs, and increase competitiveness.

The capability is wrapped in a service with a well defined service contract with the expectation that all teams use the service unless they can justify a reason to go their own way. Migration to Shared Service Centers.

Project Management Office Internal consultancies such as a project management office that provides consistent program and project management using a set of methodologies. Department of the Interior National Business Center. They carefully address risk management, crisis management, business recovery, and business resumption.ScottMadden was engaged to evaluate and implement shared services for a top multinational defense, security, and aerospace company.

Because defense industry spending was declining, cost management had become a priority, and the client was interested in identifying opportunities to reduce operating costs. The answers to these questions can help shared-services leaders build the business case for digital transformation and can inform their longer-term strategy, planning, and resource decisions.

As great as the opportunities are, however, our research suggests that shared-services groups in most companies are not yet prepared for a full-scale. Shared services or Shared Services Center (SSC) refer to a dedicated unit (including people, processes and technologies) that is structured as a centralized point of service and is focused on defined business functions.

rural colleges with shared services employ a single Vice President who represents all the campuses and serves as the chief financial officer with campus assistance from managerial staff that are classified at the Business Manager or equivalent level.

The primary purpose of this Migration Planning Guidance (MPG) is to assist customer agencies to prepare for, and manage, a migration of their human resource management operations to a shared services environment under the Human Resources Line of Business (HR LOB) initiative.

Procter & Gamble's Global Business Services (GBS) is a good example of an SSO that is planning for the best, but preparing for the worst. Background Established inGBS exists to provide high-value, low-cost shared services to Procter & Gamble (P&G) businesses.

Shared services business planning response
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