Substance abuse among nurses essay

This can lead to substance abuse. Increased productivity is constantly being demanded, resulting in less than adequate care and causing stress on nurses. One theory for this behavior is that controlled substances serve as a coping mechanism to help nurses distance themselves from the emotional pain they may experience while working with dying patients Dunn, Therefore Non Governmental Organizations are such a fundamental component towards the development agenda of this nation.

A comparison of substance use rates among female nurses, clerical workers and blue-collar workers.

Drug Abuse in Nursing&nbspResearch Paper

Here, medicines are categorized into three, prescription medicines which can only be supplied by doctors and sold by pharmacists; pharmacy medicines which can only be sold by pharmacists and finally general medicines which can be sold by anyone.

I would also propose that retrogressive legislations such as the Public Benefits Organization Act should either be repealed or amended because as this paper has explained in detail, the government cannot do everything in all parts of the country.

For several decades, substantial research efforts have been undertaken to understand the epidemiology and etiology of substance use and abuse. This simply means that drug offenders are punished so as to send a message to the public that such practices are wrong and cannot be accepted by the society.

Substance use among nurses: differences between specialties.

I was surprised by their frankness. Can J Public Health. A large body of research has examined the efficacy and effectiveness of prevention programs for adolescent substance abuse. Illicit drug policies, trafficking, and use the world over.

The choices for action are varied.

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

Resident physician substance use, by specialty. Substance abuse among nurses-defining the issue. MTF findings reveal that non-medical prescription drug abuse is a growing problem among adolescents. It is within the behest of this department to investigate drug related offences; detect and seize illicit drugs either being trafficked or otherwise; apprehend and prosecute drug offenders in court; gathering, analyzing and disseminating drug-related intelligence; keeping records in a database of drug-related offences and finally coordinating with both municipal and international enforcement agencies.

From a political angle, it falls within the docket of the office of the president and provincial administration.

Also, the law requires that the institution empowers other non-governmental organizations and the civil society organizations which are established at the grassroots in the society and in touch with the day to day man.

Drugs And Substance Abuse In Kenya,

A survey of registered nurses in 12 European countries that was published in BMJ Open found that nurses who work hour shifts are more likely to burn out than nurses who work shorter hours. The process of fighting illicit drugs starts with a clinical legal framework and policies which act as the blueprint of the whole mission.

In order to find out which were nurses were most susceptible to falling into the depths of drug addiction, researchers Matthew Shaw and his colleagues examined age, race, gender, specialty within the medical profession, familial history of substance abuse, and the access of prescription drugs within the hospital to look for a pattern that could potentially eliminate future self-destructive behaviors.

Additional factors that have been known to contribute are previous emotional or mental health problems, family members with chemical dependency, depression, anxiety, or mental, emotional, or sexual abuse George, Of course, this does not include the emotional costs to families and individuals such as divorce, alcohol, and drug-related domestic and child abuse, automobile injuries, etc.

Nurses have been taught that medications solve problems.

Nurses and Addiction

That means that its financial share is part of the budgetary allocation given to the office of the president. In the early s, 48 states began investigating the percentages of nurses who are currently or have in the past abused drugs and alcohol.

But in the end, drugs only make life more stressful — and many of us all too often fail to recognize this in the moment. Normative Education Normative education approaches include content and activities to correct inaccurate perceptions regarding the high prevalence of substance use. Another defect with the whole system is actually lack of coordination among the agencies that are given the mandate to combat alcohol and drug abuse.The American Nurses Association estimates that % of nurses have substance abuse problems, and that % (approximately to ) of registered nurses re impaired due to their abuse of alcohol and other drugs (Griffith, J.

). Substance Abuse Among Nurses - Introduction Over the years, substance abuse in the United States has become a persistent issue affecting many individuals. Init was estimated that million Americans over the age of 18 where substance dependent (Epstein, Burns, & Conlon, ).

Essay Topics Plagiarism Donate a Paper. Free Essay: Introduction Over the years, substance abuse in the United States has become a persistent issue affecting many individuals. Init was. Drug abuse among patients with mental problems is a serious issue that has gained some popularity in America today because it affects.

Legal aspects to report a substance-abusing nurse vary among individual states, but nurses have an ethical and moral duty to patients, colleagues, the profession of nursing, and the community to take action. Among high school seniors, annual prevalence rates for Vicodin abuse have gone from % in to % in ; rates of OxyContin abuse have gone from % in to % in ; and rates of Percocet abuse among high school seniors have gone from % in to % in

Substance abuse among nurses essay
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