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Moreover, a person cannot live emotionally, if he or she lacks communication or sharing of his or her emotions with other people. However, they do not have technological advancements. Therefore, it is extremely impossible for a person to live alone like an island. For example, a society has doctors who attend to the medical needs of the society.

According to researchers, those people who live alone face many emotional complications like depression. Therefore, psychologists argue that it is impossible for a person to live alone in this world. For this reason, no man or a community can isolate itself like an island.

In this case, a society has several duties for each person to perform. In addition, a child needs his or her mother to survive. In this case, different nations create sound social interactions for purposes of helping one another.

It is clear that nobody can perform these duties on his or her own. It is clear that God knew that nobody in this world could live and survive alone.

This is because, if everybody in this world would hate one another, one could practically live alone.

People need one another in order to survive. On the other hand, people need one another to share their happy moments together.

As a result, he or she would die of hunger. As a result, the colonialists were able to conquer the Americans due to their weakness.

Therefore, they cannot be able to produce food in the country. Nobody in a community can perform all the duties alone. On the other hand, other nations live in areas with excellent climatic conditions for food production.

He or she needs other people to share both happy and sad moments to have a healthy emotional life. For this reason, God saw it best for a person to love the neighbor as he or she loves himself or herself.

Therefore, learning from historical experience it is extremely clear that people need one another in order to succeed.

In support of this quote, psychologies argue that it is impossible for one to live in isolation from other people. On the other hand, drivers exist in the same society for purposes of transporting people to the various destinations.

This is where people need to interact with one another so that they can gain something either tangible or intangible for purposes of survival. For this reason, people need each other to survive. It is extremely sad for a person to have a happy moment in his or her life and not share the happiness with another person.


However, during the American Revolution, the Americans realized that they would never be able to defeat the colonialists and gain independence when they are in disunity Raphael, When most people think of living on an island, they think of tropical weather, beautiful scenery, and relaxation.

However, I feel they would have a different view if they were stuck on this island with no rules, no possessions, and no way to contact people on the outside world. Life on this island /5(3). The Island Move – Analysis. Print Reference this.

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