The strategy of apple inc marketing essay

As switching cost is low for the buyer, market players are striving their level best to target customers who are currently using other brands through attractive pricing, successful differentiation and market positioning. Marketers are able to develop strategic marketing plans based on this information which is directly geared towards a target market.

It could also be a segmentation of people on the basis of behavior, culture and economic status. In the years ahead to successfully defend its differentiation advantage in the market the firm needs some restructuring efforts where the firm should form different diverse teams comprising of cross functional specialists.

The company is highly dependent on Cingular for their success in USA but the company has made strategic partners all around the world to grow like T-Mobile, China Unicom etc. Most of the buyers in the consumer electronic industry are individuals, where the power of buyers could be termed as low to moderate.

Refer Appendix C Tews, Figure 1 Smartphone sales Churchill, The company is targeting professionals, students between the age of 18 and 35 basically. What is marketing strategy? Based on these factors the SWOT framework will be presented that will present the summary of the internal and external factors confronted Apple.

The company is using two level channel for distribution of their product. Nevertheless, governments of different countries, including the US and UK governments are helping market players in overcoming different barriers.

The company purchases the keywords like iPhones, mp3phones etc. They have enough financial capability to support the company. Also the CEO has impressive presence in front of media to market the brand. Nevertheless, Apple has not been active in the price war due to its successful differentiation strategy where it enjoys consistent demand for its different products in different parts of the world.

The company can create advertisements devoted to elders in this case. This is high pricing strategy but can attract risk of low sales and piracy Kotler et al, but Apple has safeguarded itself by marketing before it actually emerged in market by enhancing its brand value under top As there are high exit barriers in the industry, market players are busy fighting the competition and due to this reason one may experience different integration and strategic partnership between the market player to beat the competition and create better synergies.

Due to low switching cost, the product substitution is very high and may affect the future performance of Apple. Apple enjoys premium brand image and recognition in the market. The company site is quite impressive with promotion codes issues to consumers from time to time.

Apple has been doing so throughout the past. Williams and Mullin, The company with China Unicom is doing excellent withsales in first 3 days andpre orders for iPhone 4 as compared to order for original iPhone, even there is a restriction of wi-fi feature due to government rules.

Oliver, Figure 6 Predicted Sales Oliver, 3. The low cost assembly unit in China is also helping to keeps the cost low.

The Marketing Strategies of Apple

This involves giving a proper structure to the innovative ideas and arranging deadlines for the same. The Company has a good packaging strategy which makes the product look attractive and stylish on the shelf. They have structured this in different countries and adding more features.

So a good product has adopted a bad strategy.

By glancing at the new product development and innovation strategies that Apple has been following, one could argue that unquestionably the firm is leading the market due to its successful product innovation capabilities.

The company is using the locations as shown in fig 9 for selling the product.Strategic Innovation Apple Inc Marketing Essay. Submitted by: Victor Senapaty. F Section A. FMS MBA FT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.

This paper starts by defining the traditional approaches to strategic management. It further details the competitive forces in work in an industry and the key attributes of strategic management.

Mar 29,  · Case study Apple Inc. Unit 4 Marketing principles Abstract. Case study Apple Inc: Marketing is important function for the business organizations to identify, develop and satisfy customer’s needs/5(K). Then, based on Porter’s generic strategy, the second part is to evaluate Apple’s differentiation strategy.

At last, the three parts will provide some suggestions for the implementation of Apple’s differentiation strategy. Environmental Analyses: The environment in which Apple has been operating is characterized by consistent changes. Introduction. Apple Inc. is known for its innovative ability to gain competitive advantage since 3rd Jan It was called Apple Computers Inc.

and as they have started their penetration in the consumer electronics, they. The researcher considers various literatures to be reviewed in chapter 3 and discusses previous works and studies in retail marketing of Apple Inc. Chapter 4 provides an overview in to the theoretical framework and methodology that this research uses for studying retail marketing of Apple Inc.

Apple Marketing Strategy Essay Words | 4 Pages. Brian Lopez Apple Corporation Marketing Strategy Apple is a leading innovator in numerous technological markets, which includes the computer market, tablet market, smartphone market and the MP3 market.

The strategy of apple inc marketing essay
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