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Of him because Elinor loved him…I was jealous of her too; jealous that she was loved by a man as a woman is meant to be loved. Thus, certain individuals of a somewhat antisocial and self-serving bent find their actions and inclinations magnified by the advent of the Plague. In a time where women were living in a society where they were suppressed, uneducated and restricted in their occupations, Anys and Mem demonstrate a new form of women that are emerging among the village of Eyam.

It is apparent however, that although the plague decayed the mind of almost the entire village, there are still those who fought for what they believed in and survived the corruption.

How do Brooks and Miller illustrate the nature of hysteria? Geraldine Brooks heavily reinforces the strength and how the ability of women can impact a community through the characters of Anys and Mem Gowdie.

Brooks examines religious fervour and contrasts its sinister and amiable side arguing that ignorance and limited knowledge lead people into using others as scapegoats. In result of her actions towards Mompellion, she saw the need to nurture others, even motherless child or plagued victims.

In doing so, Brooks demonstrates how Anna is able to overcome sadness and make the choices which enable her to be a stronger individual than Mompellion.

In what is, perhaps, a less culpable fashion, David Burton seizes the opportunity to advance his own interest at the expense of Merry Wickord, whose family mine has been left open to claim by the death of her parents.

His usage of God and trust are an obvious plot to influence the townspeople to trust and believe him. Elinor also provides Anna knowledge and in her knowledge groom her to become the town healer and midwife. I need feedback for my essay. Through the characters of Anna and Aphra, Brooks explores the idea how the development on the strength in women can be for the better or the worse, ultimately leading to a continual progression of strength or otherwise their resulting in their own demise.

Even more strikingly, the readiness of the villagers to turn against Mem and Anys Gowdie, whose service as healers have been much in demand, indicates that the plague deepens the rifts already exists in the community. Anna has encountered countless barrages alone the path, however because of her work and friend ship with Elinor, she was also able to rise from the adversity.

Both Year of Wonders and The Crucible explore how and why some people are led to a point where they question long held beliefs about themselves and their beliefs. As they are fearful of the emergence of new knowledge found in science or the herbs and cures which Anys and Mem develop, the villagers, such as Lib Hancock condemn Anys and Mem as they are social outcasts and can easily be blamed as they had no husbands and were therefore thought to be witches.

This was the first response to the crisis, a response of fear and panicking, as the villagers looking for a scapegoat for the cause of this problem.

Because of the plague, Anna metaphorically transformed from a simple, uneducated girl to a powerful, formidable woman.

It is also through religous fervour, however, which helps shape Eyam through the compassionate actions emulated by Anna, Elinor and Mompellion in their daily toil with Plague sufferers. Ah, forgive me Mistress, but these times they do make monsters of us all. It is possible that the plague is merely exacerbating tensions already present with in the village but it does so to an unprecedented degree.

Total emulation of God and religious extremism is proven to be dangerous as Brooks believes it is destructive the faith that they believe in. After she discovers the truth about him and Elinor, she stands up to Mompellion as well as the Bradfords, thus breaking the social structure.

In essences, the plague itself does not produce heroes or monsters, unity or division. Anna and Elinor also help the villagers through their knowledge of medicine and through the symbolism of Anna being the shepherd; she becomes one of the leaders who tend to their needs and to look after them.

In particular, the Gowdies sense of uniqueness is what allows them to contribute to positively impacting the village. Not only do the Gowdies initiate other women such as Anna to become stronger and independent, but their very principles are what make a difference in the village.

Whilst some responded positively to these catastrophic turn of events, others suffered server negative impact to this result of human action.

Since our first glimpse at her, Anna has proven herself to be a capable care-taker. Compare the ways in which The Crucible and Year of Wonders depict divided societies.

The similarities in nature between characters are evident in the novel. Hence, there are those who like Anna, can emerge from the experience of the plague and responded with positive actions, and those that reached a breaking point in such times and suffered consequences as a result.

Through her intense superstitions fueled by her madness, Aphra is able to influence the villagers through fear and misapprehension. Therefore it is the villagers own nature which acts as the catalyst for further tragic events.

In such a civilization, the struggle for womanhood was evident. They challenge the values of the period in several ways. As the plague creeps further into the village, people who begin to face corruption as they undergo catastrophic changes are omnipresent throughout the novel.

I was jealous of both of them at once. The women of The Year of Wonders are stronger than the men.Below is an essay on "Year Of Wonders" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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‘Year of Wonders’ by Geraldine Brooks which is a historical fiction and circular structure form of text, explores the horrific ways the villagers in Eyam respond to a crisis by revealing the darker side of human nature.

Mar 14,  · I still have no feedback:\ I am up for criticism from anyone, whether you have read Year of Wonders or not, it would help me a whole lot if you could critique the style of my essay, expression, etc.

Year of Wonder Explores the Complexity of Human Nature

Year of Wonder explores the complexity of human nature and the consequences of human actions “He brought the wide world with him” Anna Frith admires George Viccars for being well-travelled but does not realise that he has brought not only his knowledge of the world but also the perils of disease with him.

Compare how both The Crucible and Year of Wonders explore the complexity of love, desire and loyalty. Compare how both The Crucible and Year of Wonders show how characters can change when they experience extreme situations. ‘I. Join Now Log in Home Literature Essays Year of Wonders Year of Wonders Essays Anna Frith's Reliability as a Narrator in "Year of Wonders" Anonymous 12th Grade Year of Wonders.

Geraldine’s Brooks’ exploration of the multi-faceted nature of humanity in her historical novel, ‘Year of Wonders,’ opens a myriad of concerns regarding. Mar 15,  · “Year of Wonders” demonstrates the sinister side of religious fervour. Discuss. Geraldine Brooks’ “Year of Wonders” explores not only the sinister side of religious fervour but also the humanistic ideals which evolve from it.

Year of wonder explores the complexity essay
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